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Herbal Extracts

Herbal Extracts

The search for the means to maintain health is as ancient as the civilization of mankind.
Herbs and men have coexisted from time immemorial while nature has given us herbs for
curing alliments and the knowledge of Ayurveda has passed down through generation.
It was this knowledge which was gradually collected and became a tradition.

AUM offers the following products from the infinite treasure of herbs. Herbal Extracts are
from herbs which are grown with organic farming practices without using chemical
fertilizers and pesticides.

*   Ashwagandha
*   Curcumin
*   Ginger
*   Green Tea Leaf
*   Neem Leaf *   Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi)

*   Jasmine Grandflora (Concrete)
*   Tube Rose (Concrete)
*   Rose concrete
*   Lotus Concrete

*  Cardamon oil
*  Ginger oil
*  Juniper Berry oil
*  Turmeric oil
*  Black paper oleoresin

*  Amla powder 
*  Ashwgandha Powder
*  Mulethi Powder
*  Spiruluna Powder

*   Indigo Powder
*   Multani Powder
*   Aloevera Powder
*   Dhoop
*   Rose Petal Powder

*   Gum Acacia Power A
*   Gum Acacia Power B1
*   Gum Acacia B
*   Guar Gum

*  Lemongrass oil
*  Palmarosa oil